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“People want the best buns in the world to salivate over and eat their burgers, dogs and chicken sandwiches with. People also want nostalgic, delicious, fun desserts and they want them from people who make them feel special, who care, who are there putting out the best possible product they can.

Bun Papa is a celebration of us, the community, food, and the opportunity we had to move forward through Covid. It’s just been a ton of fun for all of us.”

—Markos Panas, CEO and co-founder of Bun Papa


our story

Born out of necessity as we navigated the pandemic, Bun Papa was launched out of Bread & Water Company’s incredible brioche know-how and its brick and mortar space in February of 2021. A year and half later and Bun Papa has grown to three locations including the Capital One Center and just won the 2022 RAMMY Award for Outstanding Popup!

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